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There are a few product names within the online natural hair world which not only ring bells, they knock down doors with the outpouring of glowing reviews and reverence as ‘holy grail’ status. Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes is a prime example of one such product. Since the early days of the product’s debut, I have wanted to try what many deem as ultimate moisture giving deep conditioner. As a natural headed woman with thick 4c, super dry, moisture craving hair, I tend to gravitate towards conditioners of all forms. I’m never without a leave-in conditioner and I have the tendency to run through 5 bottles of rinse-out conditioner before finishing one bottle of shampoo. Needless to say, conditioners are my necessary hair care items.

anita grant rhassoul deep condish cubes

anita grant rhassoul deep condish cubes

I purchased Anita Grant’s Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes from US retailer, Hattaché. After nearly 8 weeks in a protective style, I knew I needed an intense deep treatment to give my hair some of what it missed by being away for so long. My hair was arid, parched and dry. Hattaché offers 3, 30g of the basic rhassoul cubes for $12.50 +$6.00 for shipping, while Anita Grant’s UK based website lists the same items at £6.95 ($11.46 as of today). I opted to purchase Anita Grant rhassoul deep condish cubes from the US based retailer to avoid custom fees and to ensure quicker delivery. I received the package 4 days after placing the order, and as soon as it was in my hands I ripped the package open and was greeted by the deepest, warmest smell of chocolate. It smelt better than good, it smelt delicious. I only secretly hopped the three cubes would be enough to provide coverage for my full ‘fro.

Anita Grant describes the benefits of the condish cubes as:

Rhassoul Deep Condishes contain unrefined black cocoa butter and natural soya based vitamin e (mixed tocopherols) which help to guard scalp and hair from free radical damage. When hot liquid is added, to our Rhassoul Deep Condishes, it swells and increases its surface area like a highly porous sponge. Attracting and trapping toxins into these open porous spaces so that when it comes time to rinse our Rhassoul Deep Condish from your hair the toxins are eliminated and you’re left with detoxified cottony soft curly, coily tresses.

The rhassoul clay cubes are packed with:

Organic Rhassoul Clay, Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Unrefined Murumuru Butter, MSM, Organic Chilean Honey, Vitamin E and LOVE!


To prepare the mixture for application, Anita Grant recommends placing the cubes you are going to use in a heat-resistant bowl, adding warm water or coconut milk and breaking down the cubes with a fork. I opted for the deluxe deep conditioning treatment and warmed up half a can of coconut milk for my mixture. After the coconut milk slightly boiled, I removed it from the stove and poured it over two deep condish cubes. I did not want to use all three cubes at first and opted to wait and see if the two cubes would expand with the coconut mixture and provide adequate coverage. I broke down the cubes with a fork, enchanted by the sweet and rich aroma of warmed chocolate then began to lightly whisk the mixture to form a cohesive soufflé. Once mixed, I set aside to cool and began the task of washing my hair.

anita grant rhassoul deep condish cubes, 4c natural hair, deep conditioning treatment, thick hair, bentonite clay

After my hair and scalp were washed and slightly towel dried, I applied the mixture to freshly shampooed hair and covered it with two plastic caps and went to sleep. At first I thought  it wouldn’t be enough to cover all my hair because I only used 6oz of coconut milk, but in the end my hair was evenly saturated and I had a tiny bit left over to apply on my scalp. The rhassoul clay was very easy to break down with a fork and mix, however the application process got a little messy. I ended up using what I believe to be a little more than what I needed, so the rhassoul clay mix was a bit watery. I tried my best to scoop up the mixture and get it directly on my hair, left my hair in two strand twists for easier application and simply scooped out a handful and squeezed it in between each twist. In the morning, I  rinsed out the mixture with lukewarm water and the result was ridiculously soft, shiny, chocolately smelling plump hair.

anita grant rhassoul deep condish cubes, 4c natural hair, deep conditioning treatment, thick hair, bentonite clay

Section after section I rinsed the rhassoul clay from my hair and found it to be smoother and less tangly than when I typically deep condition with a creamy conditioner. My hair appeared more shiny and thick. Most importantly, it felt STRONG. My ends melted away from each other as if they never remembered the union they almost always shared.

anita grant rhassoul deep condish cubes, 4c natural hair, deep conditioning treatment, thick hair, bentonite clay

anita grant rhassoul deep condish cubes, 4c natural hair, deep conditioning treatment, thick hair, bentonite clay

While I am completely in love with this deep conditioning treatment, given how my hair felt, I’m not so in love with the price per application. 3 rhassoul clay cubes provide 1.5 applications and given this the price per application (product + shipping) is roughly $11.91. I find this to be steep for only application, even for such a results driven product. Even though the price is a little steep, I actually have my eye on the Marshmallow Rhassoul Deep Condish and the Banana Rhassoul Deep Condish cubes. I would absolutely love to try another Rhassoul clay treatment in the future. Anita says this of her famed marshmallow cubes:

Our Marshmallow Rhassoul Deep Condish is an all natural herbal medicated, deep conditioning treatment that provides an abundance of ‘slip’ which helps to nourish and detangle thick naturally curly, wavy and Afro type hair. It seals the cuticles, imparts sheen, improves manageability and elasticity.

I recommend Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes especially to anyone with 4c hair who is looking to increase their hair sheen or who wants an ultra deep moisturizing conditioning treatment! I am anxious to see how my hair continuously reacts to a rhassoul clay and coconut milk tincture.

What is your favorite way to deep condition your hair? Mine very well might now be using Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish cubes-)

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4 comments to Anita Grant Rhassoul Deep Condish Cubes

  • Ah! I’ve had Anita Grant products for YEARS and when I say years I mean it. I was dragging my feet on purchasing because of the price and I still feel that way:/ But this year I’m making big steps in bettering the health of my hair so I might cough some money up for a sample or so. But I have 4c fine hair so I am curious as to how it will boost my hair. My fave DCs are old faithfuls: ORS Replenishing and Hair Mayonnaise. I did a DC with coconut milk, oils, glycerin, and honey a while ago and my hair was so soft it freaked me out! HHG!

    • yay! you should give it a try, especially since there is a US based supplier (who sells out of the cubes rather quickly!) initially, the price and shipping from UK were my biggest deterrents, however I really think you’ll love the Rhassoul clay to add a boost to your hair. this reminded me I really need to DC with coconut milk more often.

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  • Damn, thank you very much for posting this! It is going to aid me when I research Coconut Milk at the market! Super Great!

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